Trinny and Susannah Books

I thought I would devote a page to my famous namesake and specifically the successful best selling books she has written. Trinny Woodall teamed up with Susannah Constantine to present the 'What Not To Wear' television series for the BBC. The series centred on the pair offering advice on clothing and dress sense to members of the public who clearly didn't understand how they should be dressing to best present themselves to others. The title of the program "What Not To Wear" was spot on as Trinny and Susannah dug around the unsuspecting person's wardrobe, deciding what shouldn't be in there. Trinny gaily cast aside clothes lovingly collected exclaiming "this is a good example of what not to wear". She took enormous pleasure in criticising what people wore yet the success of the TV series and the subsequent books was astounding. The original what not to wear book was a best seller and resulted in a follow up book, rather unimaginatively titled "what not to wear 2". Still, this book was also hugely popular. I have enjoyed reading both "what not to wear" books and encourage you to do so too. Below you can check out both of the books in the "what not to wear" series plus another few books that Trinny and Susannah have written.
The famous Trinny and Susannah closely scrutinising someone's fashion sense!
Trinny and Susannah