Trinny Woodall Pussy

I guess you have stumbled across this page wanting to know more about my pussy. You are just so very naughty! I hope you are not disappointed to find these little cute kittens instead. As it happens, I like kittens more than cats, although both of course are known as pussies, oh there I go again teasing you - it's just my wicked sense of fun. Anyway, my favourite cat has always been a Siamese. They are so cute - and here are some sweet piccies of some cats - see if you can spot the Siamese cat amongst them. A lot of people mistype as they are looking for siamease cats, but not to worry, I hope you do enjoy these cute siamese kittens. Remember that old song I am siamese if you please. I digress. I wish these siamese kitten pictures were bigger, but as they are so cute, I wanted to put them up here. Yes, these are the sweetest pussy images I could find. x x