Trinny Woodall

Hi there, my name is Trinny Woodall, this is my first attempt at a web site so do go easy on me! I am in my late thirties, obviously female and I know that I have a famous namesake.
I was born in Oxfordshire and until recently I lived there. I now live in London though, although I do enjoy travelling out to the countryside every once in a while when I get the chance. My hobbies are books, books and more books. I absolutely adore reading books - I just cannot seem to get enough books to read. A lot of my friends often ask my advice as to what book they should read and what I think of the top selling books. Well, I think it is best to look at the best selling books list to get a feel for what kind of book you should be buying, as I find that good books do sell well and thus become best selling books, and the not so good books do not make it onto the best sellling lists, by and large. Popular books may not be to your taste but I invariably find that there will be at least one book in the top sellers that you will like. This may well end up being your own personal recommended book.
I have to tell you about speed dating in London, without it I would never have met John. I was always the shy type and normally find it very difficult to start chatting to men but with these type of events the men come to you!
My friends were quite excited when I told them I had found a man that rocked my boat, and I am so glad the man I met was John. When I arrived for my night of speed dating, I was given a badge with my number on it - 14 - and a card where I could write details of the men I met. If I liked anyone I met then I could check their box on the card. Guess what? I certainly checked John's box. He was a hunk. He wore dark black, just like a hero in so many of the books that I read. He was rather dashing. He enjoyed talking to me about books and what books he had read recently. He told me he was an avid book reader, and one of his questions he asked me was what was my favourite book. He certainly knew the way to my heart. Anyway, the evening that I met John was fun and the time just flew by. John and I just clicked, and I loved hearing about his favourite books. I never really believed in love at first sight but it happened believe me! Maybe one day we can open a bookshop together and we can sell cheap books online.